New Fall Hair Trend Alert! SOMBRE


I think by now everyone has heard of or seen the new ombre hair color trend women are rocking. It’s been the most popular hair coloring trend for at least a season. It is mostly celebrity-inspired of course and gives brunettes and light-haired women a variation to work with. It’s a slightly dramatic look that consists of darkening the top of your hair and lightening the ends, but some feel it is too close to looking like you have grown out roots that need to be colored.

So the new trend will be SOMBRE – it’s the new ombre, don’t you know?

It is basically the look and feel of ombre but without the harsh contrast between colors – a more natural and flattering vibe. If you want to try out something new or change up your look for Fall without doing anything too drastic, stop in to Luna Salon and try out Sombre. You will be looking like Jessica Alba in no time.